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The difference between inflatable tent and Ordinary metal bracket tent
- May 09, 2018 -

What is the difference between the bracket tent and inflatable tent? There are 3 points:

1. weight

the frame of the metal bracket tent was made with steel, so the weight will be heavy, which will bring trouble for moving and transporting. Especially, with the tent size to be larger, the weight of tent will be heavier. Then it needs more brackets and the steel tube need to be stronger which makes the whole weight even heavier.

But for inflatable tent, no matter how large the tent is, it is only the weight of the material. No other spare weights added.

2. volume

For the same size, the inflatable tent will be much easier to pack. For the bracket tent, because of the metal frame, it is hard to pack; The length of the bracket make it not easy to be put inside a car, so it must be shipped by larger truck and will need more transport cost.

But for inflatable tent, because it is inflatable, it is soft. The inflatable keel can be packed in any way you need when deflated. So when you do not need the inflatable tent, you can pack it to be small volume, so it is mobile and portable. Not only easy transportation, but also save shipping cost.

3.Assemble and disassemble

The bracket tent need many person to help for the assemble, especially when the tent is large, Without many person, you can not move it. However, the inflatable tent will be more conveniently than the bracket tent. You just need tolay it on a smoothly ground, link the air blower, the inflatable tent will stand up.And it is the same when disassemble them, you need ask many person to help for the disassemble and pack the bracket tent, long time for many person . But for the inflatable tent, when your event finish, you just need to close the blower, the inflatable tent will deflate by itself. You can have rest at beside.

So when compare with bracket tent, inflatable tent has many Incomparable advantages. The advantage of light weight, small volume can make you with less transportation cost. And the easy assemble and disassemble make you less labor cost. In a word, inflatable tent not only save your time, but also save your money.

And it can also be used at emergency, because the inflatable tent is small volume, it can even be airdropped when the car can not arrive at the bad condition.

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