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The difference between military tents and ordinary tents
- May 09, 2018 -

1, the military tent cloth material uses the polyester blue waterproof Oxford.

Oxford Tent Tents

2. Under the gables, 15CM width calendering is used for burying underground or pressing heavy objects to prevent the overturning of military tents and the crawling of snake and worm.

3. The GB25 tent steel pipe is used for military tent support.

4. All the windows have a screen window. The connection between the doors and screens of military inflatable tent and the wall surface is strengthened by cloth buttons besides the nylon zipper, and the curtain can not be closed when the wind is strong.

5. There is a diameter 10CM round hole above the doorway for military tent to enter and exit. It is used for arranging chimneys in heating furnace in winter. Usually covered with cloth.

6, generally speaking, the size of military tent has the required standard: length * width 4000*3000, height 2500/1600, two door four windows, eight people.

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