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The significance of the existence of military bunkers
- May 09, 2018 -

Bunkers are divided into two types: military and civilian. The role of military bunkers is to reduce the lethality of enemy firepower to personnel and equipment, and to enhance the combat effectiveness of personnel and equipment.

The small arms military bunker is an open work for soldiers to shoot and hide. On the battlefield, soldiers exposed themselves are extremely dangerous, especially when exposed to the enemy's visual range, which will cause the enemy's devastating Firepower Strike.

The officers and men summed up the experience of promoting the other troops to dig the small horseshoe tunnel. In the construction of the works, they insisted on the principles of small, hard, low, concealed, evacuating, air defense, fire prevention, anti artillery and rain prevention, easy to shoot, easy to observe, easy to strike and facilitate the communication and communication of command and communication.

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