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The use of inflatables
- May 09, 2018 -

Inflatable products how to properly raise? (With the use of arches for example)

A first fixed power cord, so that opening and closing shop are without prejudice;

Second, open arch package, expand the arch, the arch in front of two cord locks were fastened on the rope, the latter two are formed by also fasten a rope;

Third, the two arches of the feet which were stuffed with sandbags;

Fourth, the blowing gas mode, adjust the position; if unstable, please use the rope on the front and rear arches are formed by fixed;

Fifth, use of arches attention to weather forecasts the day before, if there is wind, you need to prepare a fixed rope, you can put a sandbag and inflatable tents. If you have six or more wind, you should not blowing arch.

Sixth, the use, if a pedestrian accidentally knocked down power to make arches, as long as the re-plug in the power, the arch can stand up again.

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