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What kinds of military inflatable tents can be divided according to the structure
- May 09, 2018 -

Single layer military inflatable tents: the advantages are light, economical, small size and simple manufacturing technology. The emphasis is on the needs of the users of leisure. Double tents are added to the single layer, with a layer of good air permeability, focusing on the conflict between the inner wall of the single tent and the inner wall of the tent, because in the more refreshing season, the heat in the body is removed in the tent. Under the action of external cold air, water droplets will be gathered on the inner wall of the tent. If the water falls down the tent wall, it will wet the sleeping bag.

After adding the internal account, the external account does not connect directly to the bottom of the inner account. The heat emitted by the human body is scattered through the inner net, condenses on the external account, and goes to the land. The inflatable tents made by the inflatable tent manufacturers are lined with white waterproof silk.

Three tents: add a layer of cotton account in the double ledger, which further reinforces the heat preservation effect. This kind of tent is used in a minus 10 degree environment, and the temperature in the account can be raised to zero control. This kind of tent is rarely seen at present, usually used by special Alpine explorers, such as Himalaya Range, such as alpine sports.

Individual proposal: the single tent focus is suitable for the warmer area or the season. The double tent is suitable for the refreshing season or cold zone. This kind of tent is common now, it is the choice of leisure users and the usual outdoor hiking.

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