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Advantages Of Inflatable Tents
- May 09, 2018 -

Inflatable tents belong to the category of tents. Currently, inflatable tents can be divided into two categories - open air inflatable tents and closed air inflatable tents.

Open air inflated tents: Stitched by fabric or pvc material, the use of blower wind has always played a supporting role, open air inflatable tents such as the use of inflatable arches, the first generation of inflatable shelter and so on.

Advantages: low cost

Closed inflatable tent:

The air column material is made of PVC mesh cloth. The greater the span, the higher the thickness of the material used. The thickness of the commonly used PVC mesh is 0.45mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm. The outer layer is often made of pcv coated Oxford cloth or pvc material. . The gas-tight inflatable tent adopts the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame. It uses gas pressure characteristics to inflate the airbag (inflated air column) (inflate the inflatable air column) to form a rigid frame of the cylinder, which is propped up by the organic combination (hot air blower). The skeleton (filled air column). The tear strength of the inflatable air column material determines the stability and quality of the inflatable tent. The material quality of the outer tarpaulin and the inflatable air column of the inflatable tent can determine the reliability and service life of the inflatable tent.


1. Inflate for two weeks without lifting;

2. Wide range of applications, such as military inflatable tents, medical / fire rescue inflatable tents, civilian red and white wedding inflated tents; 3. Hold up fast, usually 80m2 inflatable tent fully inflated time is within 10 minutes;

4. Completely waterproof;

5. Strong wind resistance (anti-eight wind);

6. Can be used to make large tents, such as inflatable parking garage (width can be 35 meters, the length can be more than 100 meters);

7. The small footprint allows easy transportation and carrying.

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