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Balloon Lamp Printing Method
- May 09, 2018 -

The color distribution of the balloon lamp: the color of the ink and the balloon is very strict, otherwise the pattern can not be made clear and clear. The general color, such as the yellow pink printing ink, should be used in dark colors such as red and black, and vice versa with lighter colors, such as black balloons and red blue. When printing balloons, it is best to use white advertising balloon special ink, so that balloons and printing patterns form a mutual supporting role.

The opening ceremony, wedding ceremony, festival celebration, the balloon lantern in the anniversary celebrating the irreplaceable role of other advertising products, printing LOGO on the surface of the balloon, can be printed on the basis of the pattern provided by the customer, print the pattern propaganda of the enterprise and trademark on the balloon, and celebrate the advertisement. (1) to expand the visibility of enterprises and expand product sales. Of course, you can use instant paste or photo paste, so you can change the slogan LOGO every time.

The printing of the balloon lamp is completed in four steps. First, the ball is divided into pieces. It is determined to print on the pieces, to help the LOGO to be assigned to the concrete piece, and to pay attention to the connection between the film and the film. The second step is to make a screen version, with the content of LOGO allocated to each piece. The third step is to adjust the ink, color and consistency. The fourth step is the printing, the screen plate on each of the correct position of the balloon lamp, and then use the scraper to balance the ink, so that the OK, and then get the edge to dry, so repeat the end.

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