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Introduction To The Structure Of The Main Body Of Large Inflatable Tents
- May 09, 2018 -

The inflatable tent is a kind of inflatable frame built by the principle of high temperature heat in the principle of simple structure. The air bag is expanded to form a rigid column with the characteristics of gas pressure and so on. It is easy to carry and is small in volume. Today, it is a brief introduction to the large inflatable accounts produced by the manufacturers of inflatable tents. The main body of the canopy is made up of three parts: cloth curtain, pillar and cushion, and then subdivided into different functional parts. For details, see the following:

1. pillar: a straight one or two or three connections. The bending parts of some tubular supports need to be joined by wire.

2. frame: used in large air filled tent or cabin type large inflatable tent, combined with short bar material to form pillars or pillars.

3. the top part of a large inflatable tent.

4. roof: part of the large inflatable tent.

5. wall: the wall part of the large inflatable tent side. Some large inflatable tents are not at all.

6. stop canopy: open one part of the roof to the front and support it by other pillars.

7. door: the entrance to the large inflatable tents. A window can be set on the other side.

8. floor mat: cushion for ground in large inflatable tent. If the humidity is heavy, a bamboo mat will be needed.

9. flying mat: cushion on the large inflatable tent roof to cover strong sunlight. That is, the second storey roof.

10. main rope: also called the string. The two ends of the prop are separated to avoid the inclination of the support and to be fixed by nails.

11. angle rope: extended from the bottom of the roof of a large inflatable tent, and fixed with nails.

12. nails: insert the ground, fix the rope and the bottom of the large inflatable tent. It is made of wood, metal and synthetic resin.

13. wood or hammer: use nails when they hit the ground. A live buckle made of wood or metal, attached to the main rope or corner rope, and the rope passes through two small holes between them.

14. bags: cloth bags and pouches, nails, wooden sticks.

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