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Maintenance And Basic Maintenance Of Inflatable Tents
- May 09, 2018 -

When inflatable tent is used, it must not contact with sharp objects to avoid scratching air bags.

When inflatable tents are used strictly according to the instructions of the instructions, attention should be paid to the instructions.

When the summer temperature is high, the air volume should not exceed the above standard, and the air quantity should be checked at any time. When the pressure is too high, the air should be exorbitated properly; when the temperature of the winter and the morning is a little low, pay attention to the proper filling, so as to avoid the normal use.

It should not be close to objects with temperature above 70 C and open flame. (TPU products try to avoid prolonged contact with objects above 50 C).

Maintenance of inflatable tents

1. To find out the air leakage point, that is, the air bag is broken.

2, cut the surface of the same material as the air bag and leak the surface to be cleaned up. Special conditions need polishing.

3, attention should be paid to the adhesive environment before bonding, and the operating environment must be kept clean.

4, brush must be uniform, width and width is uniform, no leakage brush or glue accumulation.

5. The drying time must be strictly controlled in the brush. After the first glue is dried, it can be brushed second times. After second times of drying, the adhesive can be carried out.

6. When the viscose is finished, it should be stopped for more than 24 hours.

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