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What Is The Most Popular Inflatable Tent Recently?
- May 09, 2018 -

As a inflatable structure, inflatable tent take an important role in the line of blow up products. Inflatable tent is popular, not only because of it’s beautiful look and easy set up, but also because of the widely use and endless design. According to the use, inflatable tent can be used as inflatable party tent, inflatable bar tent, inflatable lawn tent, inflatable beach tent, inflatable mountain tent, inflatable promotion tent, inflatable wedding tent, inflatable garage tent, inflatable rescue tent, inflatable house tent and so on. And according to the shape, there are inflatable round tent, inflatable dome tent, inflatable yurt tent, inflatable square tent, double layer inflatable tent, single layer inflatable tent, and inflatable tent with pillars, inflatable bubble tent. And because of the different material, there are also inflatable transparent tent, inflatable tent with pvc tarps, inflatable dome with rip stop nylon and so on.

Then what is the most popular inflatable tents right now? Yes, it is inflatable transparent tent, especially the clear inflatable bubble tent. It is clear and with dome shape and just single layer. Which made people inside have good outlook. It can be used as inflatable lawn tent, inflatable beach tent, inflatable snow globe, inflatable yard bubble tent, clear inflatable bubble for promotion, inflatable camping tent, inflatable snow ball, inflatable show case for automobiles and so on.

So do you have any of these plans? Go to the beach? Or go to the mountain? Or have a camping? Or just have a promotion project? Or you want to start your own business, use a life size snow globe to make money? No matter which plan, the transparent PVC bubble can be useful. So if you need, why not to own one? 

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