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What Is The Role Of An Inflatable Fighter?
- May 09, 2018 -

Inflatable weapons can be true, and many times are more reliable than smoke screens. A "fighter" can be blown up in only a few minutes. Low resolution optical reconnaissance means can not distinguish it from real equipment from the air. The main precaution is to guard against the opponent's high altitude (including space) reconnaissance and remote strike, consuming the opponent's attack. The missiles, thus preserving real strength. Of course, for synthetic aperture radar reconnaissance, inflatable weapons are not effective.

Inflatable model, with very high simulation effect, easy to carry, can be deployed at any place, not as heavy as the iron frame model, is often used by our army. It also has built-in heat sources to mimic the state of work of engines and other devices. These two models are all used in fogging machines, which are used to confuse the enemy's investigation and improve the authenticity of the targets.

When Russia expands its military equipment, it has proposed a new way to deceive the enemy and save money, that is, inflatable weapons. Russia makes a large number of inflatable tanks, inflatable radars, inflatable rockets, inflatable aircraft, inflatable warships and other weapons, which are air, convenient to take materials, and do not need to fill any bombs. Drugs can be quickly deployed to deceive the enemy.

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